Sequoia v0.17.0 released

By Justus | June 12, 2020

We have just released version 0.17.0 of Sequoia. The release includes the low-level crate sequoia-openpgp, a program to verify detached signatures geared towards software distribution systems called sqv, and a new commandline frontend for Sequoia implementing the Stateless OpenPGP Command Line Interface sqop. While SOP is not intended for daily use, it is a good way to interact with and explore OpenPGP implementations. SOP is primarily used as abstraction in the OpenPGP interoperability test suite.

If you use Sequoia, please port your code to the latest version and report any problems you encounter. Thank you.

SOP primer

To demonstrate SOP, let’s generate a key, and encrypt and decrypt a message:

$ sqop generate-key > julia.secret.pgp
$ sqop extract-cert < julia.secret.pgp > julia.public.pgp

First, we generate a key for Next, we extract the certificate, i.e. the key without the secret key material.

$ echo "a message" | sqop encrypt julia.public.pgp > message.pgp
$ sqop decrypt julia.secret.pgp < message.pgp
a message

Here, we encrypt a message with Julia’s certificate, and decrypt it with her key.