Sequoia v0.20.0 released

By Justus | October 14, 2020

We have just released version 0.20.0 of Sequoia. The release includes the low-level crate sequoia-openpgp, a program to verify detached signatures geared towards software distribution systems called sqv, and a commandline frontend for Sequoia implementing the Stateless OpenPGP Command Line Interface called sqop.

If you use Sequoia, please port your code to the latest version and report any problems you encounter. Thank you.

Notable changes

The biggest change is that we increased our MSRV (Minimum Supported Rust Version) to Rust 1.46. This allows us to take advantage of new language features, and to use newer version of our dependencies.

Furthermore, we continued to hone our API and documentation, made signatures and certificates created using Sequoia more robust, and improved signature and certificate merging. We also improved our continuous integration setup: We build and test Sequoia on Windows using the CNG backend, and build and test every commit to make sure that every intermediate state is good. We also extended and improved the OpenPGP interoperability test suite and are incorporating what we learned from the results, and are filing bug reports on other OpenPGP implementations.