sq 0.27.0 is Released

By Lars | July 21, 2022

We are pleased to announce a new release of sq, our command line tool for OpenPGP operations. This release brings some more functionality, as well as some bug fixes.

A summary of the user-visible changes from the past four months since the previous release:

  • sq can now add and remove key User IDs.

  • sq can now generate a subkey for authentication.

  • sq now handles malformed certificates in a sq keyring list more gracefully.

  • sq can now certify an expired or revoked key.

  • sq can now handle session keys when decrypting.

  • sq can now show the direct mode Web Key Directory URL for an email address. See sq wkd direct-url.

  • When sq inspect displays a certification, it now also displays the hash algorithm, and whether the certification is valid according to the current policy.

  • sq --version now shows the cryptographic backend that it’s been built with.

  • The policy arguments for sq wkd and sq keyserver have been unified. The command line option is now --network-policy (-n for short).