Just Say No To War

By Justus | February 28, 2022

The Sequoia PGP project condemns the war that the Russian government is waging against our friends in Ukraine.

We are deeply worried that decades of demilitarization efforts are being reverted in a few short days, with e.g. Germany announcing plans to increase their military budget.

Further, we note that centralized messaging services like Facebook and Twitter were both censoring Russian news sources, and in turn being censored in Russia. Our reading is that centralized services are way too fragile to freely distribute information.

In 2018, in the wake of the annexation of Crimea and in the early days of Sequoia, we visited Kyiv attending the Decentralization Unchained unconference that brought together human rights activists, digital security trainers, journalists, artists, and software developers.

These were happier times for the beautiful city of Kyiv that we encourage everyone to visit if you get the chance. But now, Ukraine needs our support, especially if you can reach people in Russia who may not have even heard of the war. Do not be silent. Speak up.