Get Sequoia

Sequoia is maintained in a Git repository. To clone it, do:

% git clone

Build Sequoia

Please see here for build instructions.

Get in touch

If you are interested in using or developing Sequoia, please get in touch. We can be reached on our mailing list, and using IRC.

Reporting bugs

Our bugtracker can be found here.

Mailing list

Join our mailing list by sending a mail to


Find us on freenode in #sequoia.

License & CLA

Sequoia PGP is owned by the p≡p foundation and licensed under the terms of the GPLv3+.

To finance its mission, privacy by default, the p≡p foundation allows third parties (currently only p≡p security) to relicense its software. Consistent with the rules of a foundation, the money collected by the foundation in this manner is fully reinvested in the foundation’s mission, which includes further development of Sequoia PGP.

To do this, the p≡p foundation needs permission from all contributors to relicense their changes. In return, the p≡p foundation guarantees that all releases of Sequoia PGP (and any other software it owns) will also be released under a GNU-approved license. That is, even if Foo Corp is granted a license to use Sequoia PGP in a proprietary product, the exact code that Foo Corp uses will also be licensed under a GNU-approved license.

If you want to contribute to Sequoia PGP, and you agree to the above, please sign the p≡p foundation’s CLA. This is an electronic assignment; no paper work is required. You’ll need to provide a valid email address. After clicking on a link to verify your email address, you’ll receive a second email, which contains the contract between you and the p≡p foundation. Be sure to keep it for future reference. The maintainers of Sequoia PGP will also receive a notification. At that point, we can merge patches from you into Sequoia PGP.

Please direct questions regarding the CLA to