Secure and Robust

Sequoia focuses on security and robustness in our choice of tools, our development methodology, and feature set.

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Easy to Use

A library is only as good as its integration in downstream projects. As such, we made ease of use one of our main goals.

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Holistic Approach

Improving the security of OpenPGP users requires more than a new implementation. Therefore, we are taking a holistic approach and are improving the ecosystem.

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Hello, OpenPGP CA!

By Neal on May 12, 2021

We are pleased to share that version 0.10.1 of OpenPGP CA has been released! This is also the first version which is available on

OpenPGP CA is a tool for administrators to create and manage a decentralized, in-house certification authority. OpenPGP CA makes it possible and easy for an organization to delegate authentication decisions to someone they can rely on, like their system administrator. And, external groups and individuals can use these CAs to authenticate certificates for just that organization using OpenPGP’s scoped trust signatures. OpenPGP CA also helps with key discovery and key updates by managing a Web Key Directory (WKD).

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Thunderbird, RNP, and the Importance of a Good API

By Neal on May 6, 2021

I was recently talking to a Thunderbird developer about API design. In the course of that conversation, I expressed concerns about RNP, the new OpenPGP implementation that Thunderbird has recently started using in place of GnuPG. That person, skeptical about my assertion that RNP’s API needs improvement, asked “Isn’t it subjective what a better API is?” I’d agree that we don’t yet have good metrics to evaluate an API. But, I disagree that we can’t judge APIs at all. In fact, I suspect, most experienced programmers know a bad API when they see it. Further, I think we can come up with some good heuristics, which I’ll try to do based on my experience working on and with GnuPG, Sequoia, and RNP. Then, I’ll take a look at RNP’s API. Unfortunately, RNP’s API is not only easy to misuse, but it’s misleading, and, as such, shouldn’t yet be used in a safety-critical context. Yet, Thunderbird is relied on by vulnerable people like journalists, activists, lawyers, and their communication partners who need this protection. For me, this means that Thunderbird should reevaluate their decision to use RNP.

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