Secure and Robust

Sequoia focuses on security and robustness in our choice of tools, our development methodology, and feature set.

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Easy to Use

A library is only as good as its integration in downstream projects. As such, we made ease of use one of our main goals.

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Holistic Approach

Improving the security of OpenPGP users requires more than a new implementation. Therefore, we are taking a holistic approach and are improving the ecosystem.

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Sequoia 1.3 is released

By Justus & Neal on June 8, 2021

We’re happy to announce the release of version 1.3 of our low-level OpenPGP library. For those of you following along at home, you’re probably asking what happened to 1.2. This past Sunday was PGP’s 30th birthday. To celebrate three decades of PGP, we’ve decided to skip 1.2 and directly release 1.3.

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A Look at Two Recent CVEs in Thunderbird's OpenPGP Support

By Neal on May 22, 2021

In a blog post that I published two weeks ago, I wrote that RNP is dangerous, because it is too easy to misuse. I also explained how we avoid those problems in Sequoia. In this blog post, I will lay out how not one, but two CVEs have since come up in Thunderbird that seem to underline that danger.

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